Sunday, August 9, 2009

Homework due 21 August

This lot of homework is a bit different. Because we are doing Communication as a topic I want you to create a personal login at (using the sign up code on your homework sheet) and find the Homework assignments there. You will be able to download a copy of your homework sheet if needed from inside Edmodo too.

I'll also post all the assignment questions here for you to look at - you can answer them using an online form that is linked at the bottom of each question (except the first question).

At spelling city you can practise this weeks words as well as List 3a and List 3b. List 3 contains words all Year 3 & 4 students should be able to spell correctly so the lists are there for you to practise if needed.

Spelling words this week are: communicate, signal, message, language, sign, symbol, picture, alphabet, telephone, internet
You can practise these words at or at home.


Visit Mathsweek to complete some challenges daily
Your sign is with your homework or send me a message in Edmodo and I will give you your login & password there.

Maths activities to do are:

Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication game


Match the fractions


Number invaders (times tables)


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